Snaps Engraved

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Large decorative automatic snaps.

24 / 48 H

Decorative automatic snaps, line 24, leather and garments.

Durable manufacturing, this type of clasp automatic is the most resistant, compared to other models. Its construction favors a strong and durable fixation.


-Head: 14 mm diameter.

-Post: 8 mm


- #1: Eagle's head.

- #2: Star Ranger or Sheriff.

Packs of 10 units.

For a good fixation of these snaps, we recommend using the following Tools REF. 1491-T, ref. T-1561, 1562-T.

This clasp measure, is ideal for up to 4 mm (10 oz.) thick leather, but if a slight thinning of the material, can be assembled into more thick, besides being embedded clasp so avoid rubbing or scratches depending on the use you are going to give you.


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