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Special selection of fittings and fixtures and consumables used in kydex holsters. Screws, rivets, eyelets, tek-lok, adhesives.

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Epoxy Automix

6 hour hardening, maximum hardness 24 hours.

Price €5.75

Araldite Standard Epoxi

Extra-hard resin, 8h hardening, max. hardness: 14H.

Price €8.01
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  • 24 ML €8.01
  • 75+75 ML €21.94

Araldite Instant Epoxy

Extra-fast resin, 90sec. hardening, max. hardness: 2H.

Price €10.00
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  • 24 ML €10.00

Araldite Standard Epoxi...

Extra-hard resin 1L+1L, 6h hardening, max. hardness: 12-72H.

Price €144.00
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  • On Demand €144.00