Plastic Bone Folder


Folder, burnisher and winder 3 in 1.

24 / 48 H

Folder, Bender, burnisher brand lines for leather, this versatile tool, is used for many works of saddlery.

As fileteador, with its semicircular head, brand simple and double edges.

As Bender, by removing the head of the fileteador, or the rounded edges of the tools, for fold and even mold damp leather to a form.

As edges burnisher, semicircular head has a wide central channel, enough for burnished edges of leather belts, belts,... etc.

As you mark lines, one of tips the handle ends tapered circular, this end is used when making frames, lines, and borders.


-Made of plastic.


-Length: 15 cm.

-Width: 2 cm.

This tool is indispensable for craftsmen and enthusiasts, and for this price you can not running out of it.


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