Leather Balm Atom Wax Fiebing’s

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Semi-gloss patina, protective, colourless.

24 / 48 H

Leather Balm with Atom Wax, manufactured by Fiebing´s, is a product for the conservation of leather, creating a non-color semi glossy protective patina to preserve the effect of the other patina of aged or color.


-Small: 118 ml

-Large: 946 ml

Form of employment: Apply a layer with the brushes of wool, ref. 2830-T. Let dry and for grinding or polishing, use a soft cloth or the pads to Polish leather, no. 2848-T, until the desired finish is achieved.

He is recommended in smooth leather, without embossing or talabarteado. If you want to use it should be careful to remove the excess product in the cavities or drawings of the leather before this dry product.

Conservation: This product must always be at a temperature above 7 ° c. Freezing breaks down the composition of the product, making it unusable.


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