Animal horns and products made from antlers of various animals for craftwork, knife handles and pocketknives or other decorative elements. Antlers, blocks, rounds, ... deer, roe deer, buffalo, bull, sambar, goat, ... 

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Whole Buffalo Horn

Whole buffalo horn for handles of knives, archery and handles.

Price €41.49
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  • Large €43.55
  • Small €41.49

Ram´s horn

Ram´s horn antlers for handles of knives and craft.

Price €8.25
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  • Medium €8.25 Sold out
  • Large €9.92 Sold out

Bull Horn

Horn's whole Bull for craft, handles of knives.

Price €8.49

Buffalo Horn Tip

Solid part of Buffalo horns to get it or one piece knives...

Price €2.95
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  • Small €2.95
  • Medium €4.96 Sold out
  • Large €7.06 Sold out

Bull scales

Pair of scales of bull horn.

Price €10.59

Buffalo scales

Pair of scales of buffalo horn. New size, 125x45x8mm

Price €10.29

Buffalo Rolls

Round of Buffalo Horn, handles and pins of knives.

Price €1.49
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  • 8x100 mm €1.49
  • 25x115 mm €5.69 Sold out
  • 40x50 mm €7.16

Spacers Buffalo Horn

Separators or spacers of Buffalo, pack 10 units.

Price €3.97
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  • 30x6mm €3.97
  • 30x12mm €6.30 Sold out