Micarta is an artificial substrate consisting of a material and a chemical binder. Depending on the material used (paper, linen, canvas), you get different textures.

Very stable material against chemical attacks, shocks and moisture. Used in all types of knives, but mainly used in industry to military knives for handles of knives for different purposes. To be an unalterable material it makes it optimal for use in extreme environments.

Different colors and textures, with a good grip. Easy to work.

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Micarta Black Paper

Black paper Micarta.

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  • 6x120x245mm €7.27 Sold out
  • 10x120x245 mm €11.40

Micarta Black Linen

Black linen Micarta.

Price €15.69
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  • 10x120x245 mm €21.47
  • 6x120x245mm €15.69