Heat treating foil

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For heat treatments in conservative atmosphere.

24 / 48 H

Stainless steel foil special heat treatments, reduces the decarburization produced in temperate.

In a conservative atmosphere, this effect is reduced, saving time and work by removing the husk or the "Orange skin" produced by this effect.


- Maximum temperature: 1150 ºC / 2102 ºF

- Width: 300 mm

  Sold by meter.

Recommendation of use: cut more than double the length of the knife to produce a container with a margin of 10-15 cm, to make the edges of the container and that is a minimum of 3-4 cm on all sides. With a triple folded edges, is recommended to leave the container hermetically. Some artisans introduced a piece of cardboard inside, to remove the oxygen from the inside, but in some cases it is not recommended because it can leave marks on steel.


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