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Pro Stamping Set

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Professional matrix for leather set. Made of forged steel, Ne vous laissez pas berner avec des copies en zinc.


Matrix professional Kit to make decorative leather and embossed prints.

Manufactured with a new alloy steel, tougher, clearer prints.

This kit contains:

- 6 dies: (2358-T, 2403-T, 2463-T, 2498-T, 2528-T 2566-T).

- 1 swivel knife (1190-T) for cuts of forms then highlight or bevel.

Tapping these dies are recommended mallets of embossing, ref. T-1000, T-1001, 1003-T and 1005-T. For best results and save time, it is advisable to slightly dampen the leather to emboss, and carry out the engraving on a firm, resistant, surface as the embossment, ref. 2060-T slabs.

Recommended both for beginners and for professionals, these matrix are mainly employed in many designs or templates.


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