Snap-in Stamp Handle

Accessory for stamps handle and stamping machine.

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€5.04 (tax incl.) €5.30
24 / 48 H
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Accessory for clearer prints, to attach to handles dies, ref. 2051-T and stamping machine, ref. 2020-T.

This coupling makes that you distributed form pressure more uniform above the Stamp tool, thus they are more marked and clean prints on leather.

For a good impression, hitting on a firm, with the surface slabs of embossing, ref. 2060-T, 2061-T

It is recommended to use mallets to hit these stamps, ref. 1000-T, 1001-T, 1005-T, 1006-T.

Valid for mounting on a estampos of 19 mm and 25.4 mm

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