Mallet Poly-Head Professional

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Professional mallet, poly head, calibrated and balanced to reduce fatigue and stress.

24 / 48 H

Mallet for working leather. This brand of tools for leather is oriented to professional. Beating of the mallet head shape, facilitates the grip and use, since you shouldn't look for posture of beating. Many saddlers and crafters, are in favour of this type of head against the classic format type hammer. Balanced and calibrated, to reduce the stress and fatigue that produce the protracted work of embossment leather. Turning anatomical handle of leather, with knobs in polished stainless steel.


Head: Synthetic polymer.

Handle: Leather and stainless steel.


#1 "Round head", weight: 910 gr, ref. 1006-T

#2 "Tapered head", weight: 910 gr, ref. 1007-T

This brand that has only a professional line, is synonymous with guarantee and reliability. Perhaps a more extended and known around the world for leather tools brands.


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