Media piel de cuero

Oak leaf. 4.0-4.8 mm leather (10-12 oz)

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€239.00 (tax incl.)
24 / 48 H
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Medium Oak Leaf thickness leather skin to manufacture products that require resistance.

This piece of thick leather ideal for knives and saddle bags. Almost without any mark or damage to skin the waste is practically null. The best attribute of this skin is that form of uniform absorbs dyes, oils, patinas and other products applied to the skin. Especially suitable to carry out the embossed and printed works.

The skin is undiluted, the rear area is where you have greater thickness and the shoulder area is less thick, up to 8 oz. (3. 2 mm).

Skin size: 21-22 sq. FT. (1.9-2 m2) approximately

Thickness: 4 to 4.8 mm (10-12 oz)

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