Acid for etch Damascus

To reveal the layers or patterns of Damascus steel. Also for protective patinas.

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This product is used for reveal the pattern of steel Damascus, because after working with this steel, grinding or rough, the drawing disappears, after a bath in this product, show all its splendor.

It is also used to create patina protective in knives and blades of steel carbon.

Format 1 litre , ref. RDAM1L.


- consistently shake the product before use.

- pour the product on anon-metallic container of sufficient size and capacity to submerge the entire piece at once.

- previously clean steel, with SOAP and water, rubbing with fine steel wool or a scouring pad.

- cleaning, go directly to the acid bath. Time of immersion varies in function of the temperature, to higher temperature environment more action (not heated by fire or any other) depending on the desired finish.

- managed to finish on, wash with plenty of water and SOAP, to remove all traces of the product. Dry and apply a protective oil, Vaseline or similar in the area that I apply the product. Let it disappear with use.

- Important : for your safety, we recommend that you read the safety and usage instructions indicated on the container.

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