Flags stamp


Dies of country flags to decorate leather. (29x27 mm aprox.)

24 / 48 H

Flags countries stamps for carving on leather.

To make a good impression, we recommend wetting the surface and make the stamping on a hard surface and uniform, as the slabs of embossing, ref. 2060-T, 2061-T.


- #1: flag of Spain, ref. 2174-T

- #2: flag of Australia, ref. 2175-T

- #3: flag of England, ref. 2176-T

- #4: flag of Canada, ref. 2177-T

- #5: flag of USA, ref. 2178-T

- #6: flag of USA, ref. 2178-T1

NOT be includes handle (sold separately).

Valid handles this die:

Handle Stamps, ref. 2051-T

Hefty Handle, ref. 2053-T

Imprinting Machine, ref. 2020-T


Specific References

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