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Overstitcher spacer set

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Marker roulettes to equally spaced stitches sewing kit.

24 / 48 H

Interchangeable roulette stitch marker, make the seam at the same distance between stitches.

This stitch marker, is very simple to use, marked once the seam line, explore it tightening so that roulette go leaving enough visible marks.

Includes a screwdriver to change the as want to roulette.

The kit consists of 3 spinners.

Sizes of roulettes:

- Small, stitches 3.5 mm distance.

- Medium, stitches 4.1 mm distance.

- Large, stitches to 5 mm distance.

Besides this mango, is porta roulette of matting or continuous pattern of motifs on leather, ref. 1990-T (not included, see product accessories section.)

This is one of the essential tools for all those crafters and saddlers wishing to carry out their work hand-sewn.


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