Pro Line Lacing Chisels

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Professional chisel of 3/32 "

24 / 48 H

Professional thonging chisel, for making holes in leather for your rear 2 mm. thread sewing

Made of high quality steel.

To extend the useful life of this tool, it is recommended that it only hit by mallets, ref. T-1001, 1003-T, 1005-T, 1006-T.

There are several formats, 1 tooth, 4 and 8 teeth. Straight or angle, for more information see models.


- #1: 1 Straight toothfork.

- #2: Fork of 4 straight teeth.

- #3: Fork of 8 straight teeth.

- #4: Fork of 4 teeth at an angle.

Use a cut or punch base to facilitate cutting and extend to the sharpening of probes, ref. T-1172, 1174-T.

This durable tool is used for sewing, by artisans, guarncioneros and professional saddlers.


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