- Shipping:

International Shipments: worldwide shipping, once you register at the store and add your shipping address, the system shows you the shipping costs. If your country is not available at the register, contact us, we can process the order manually.

Shipping charges are calculated as a function of weight or volume , and mode of transportation selected destination. Once your register and add your shipping address, the system show the shipping cost. All prices are subject to change without notice. Given the diversity of products and forms of these , the shipping charges are subject to increase once your order processing , set by the incompatibility or other costs .

Some suffer shipping restrictions , by its nature or by destination ( islands, etc).
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Shipping term: the approximate time it takes to prepare your order, depending on the queue of orders. This period may be increased in specific time, coinciding with special promotions and on certain dates. The term costs, are accounted only in working days. If your order is placed outside our working hours (Monday-Friday, 10:00 to 18:00 hours), the term begins next business day. The term does not include shipping transportation time.

SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION: usually fresh out of peninsular Spain , shipments may be considered special , due to excessive size , volume, weight or incompatibility . You must complete your order using the desired method of payment. Once confirmed the order within 24 - 48hours ( working days ) will proceed with the calculation of shipping charges and will be informed via email. You must pay these expenses by the same payment method of the order placed , if not interested in completing the order , in the amount of the shipping charges , we will refund the amount paid by the integro order.

Customs or tax in any case shipping charges include these encumbrances , refer to the relevant authority of their country, if the items that you will buy are subject or have restrictions.

Shipping deadlines indicated on the website are for informational purposes only , normal shipping time is 24-48 hours, confirmed the order , except that indicate other items shipping deadlines .

We recommend making all your purchases in one order , to avoid incurring unnecessary costs , the staff in charge try to group all orders shipped on the same day , in a single order , but assure you that this happens in all cases by high workload or other .

 - Returns :

The customer service department performs the after-sales service to solve any issues or problems with our items or shipments , through which a rapid and effective care is provided to our customers .

If not satisfied with your order, you have within ( 7) business days, from the date of delivery of the order to proceed to refund . ( According to art. 44 of Law 7 /1996 of 15 January Retail Trade amended by Law 47/ 2002 of 19 December) .

Returns must be authorized by Suministrosparacuchillos.com

The articles or custom products , or manufactured to customer demand expressed , not entitled to a refund except for manufacturing defect or error . The articles of natural ( horns , woods, ... ) or made by hand ( Damascus steel , mokume , knives , tools ) may vary in appearance or size due to its natural character , we can not guarantee the exact appearance the handout , so images of some articles , are indicative and reference . The defects or internal defects of the materials that are not visible will be out of any guarantee. Changes, returns or claims of articles manipulated or modified by the client will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

In case of defective products , wrong or incomplete shipments , all costs shall be borne by Suministrosparacuchillos.com , since it is considered an objective cause.

In case of return for any of the above cases , the client will run in charge of all expenses incurred by such refund , including shipping costs.

To proceed with the refund should send the item / s in perfect condition, including original packaging, warranty, instructions , or other items relating to this article .

IMPORTANT: Be very careful when packing the products you are returning , damage during transport back in the original articles or package due to insufficient or improper packing and protection nullify the possibility of return .


Received the merchandise in our stores and verified that all the conditions mentioned above , Suministrosparacuchillos.com , shall approve the application for repayment are met.

In case of a defective product, incomplete or incorrect order, send that / s product / s at no cost to the customer.

Should a refund be a NO objective reason , you have two options for repayment :

- Voucher or Coupon : will be repaid in this way , so that the customer may make further purchases Suministrosparacuchillos.com . For the calculation of the value of that amount , there shall be deducted , shipping charges generated by the return , as follows ( value of the item - Shipping rates Return Value = Coupon or Voucher ). Its value CANNOT be exchanged for money, only through the purchase of items and in the event of returns of these exchanged items, a new coupon will be generated for the corresponding value. The maximum validity unless otherwise indicated will be 12 months from the date of creation.

-Refunds : we will proceed to refund by the same method that the client I pay for your order except in payment on delivery , the refund will be made by bank transfer. This operation involves a commission of 7 % of the total value , with a minimum of 15 euros in respect of management fees. For the calculation of the value of that amount , there shall be deducted , the shipping and the return generated from management fees , as follows ( value of the item - Shipping rates Return - Expense Voucher = Value of refund or coupon ) .

International Shipping: the shipping outside of Spain or the Balearics pensinsular , may be subject to customs fees or taxes in the country of delivery , these costs are excluded . Should the order not be removed or relevant customs authorities, it is NOT possible to claim back .

The expenses or commissions of the payments will be discounted from the amounts to be returned.

To make an exchange or refund , you must send an e-mail.



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