Keen Edge Bevelers


Tool to bevel and trim leather edges, smooth finish.

24 / 48 H

Keen edge bevelers for leather, this tool trim and round edges, with the help of a honing wheel and something of TragaCanth is perfectly round.

Mainly used by artisan, for edges of belts and covers, in addition to in other craft works in leather goods.

With various sizes of tool depending on the thickness of the leather.


-Handle: wooden

-Blade: steel.


- Small (recommended for leather up to 2 mm (5oz)).

- Medium (recommended for leather (5oz) 2mm to 4mm (10oz)).

- Large. (recommended for leather from 4 mm (10 oz)).

Very easy to use and saves a lot work to finish off the edges of belts, a last is almost ready.


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