Stamps C426 C453 C454 C455


Large dies to make transitions, trims or frames.

24 / 48 H

Leather stamp type camouflage to make embossed leather.

These dies are for edges to finish other embossed with tools that can not be terminated by itself alone, to perform transitions between figures or styles, such as the basketweave.


- #1: size 13 x 11 mm, ref. 2465-T (C426)

- #2: size 16 x 11 mm, ref. 2466-T (C453)

- #3: size 9 x 14 mm, ref. 2467-T (C454)

- #4: size 22 x 9 mm, ref. 2468-T (C455)

It's recommended use mallets to lengthen the life of dies, ref. T-1001, 1003-T, 1005-T.

To make a more clear and enduring impression, we recommend wet leather previously using a sponge and water, or our special embossing, which prepares the surface for engraving. Always perform the embossment on a hard surface, as of our slabs of embossing, ref. 2060-T.


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