Damascus Steels

Damask steel, high quality and beauty, gives a touch of high-end of your knife blade. Millennial steel, used mainly for knives and swords.  Currently we have stainless steel damask damask and carbon steel.

Available from basic patterns: ladder, random, twist, raindrop, ... variants from these patterns, and other special patterns, made by smiths specialized in damask, wootz and mosaic damask. 

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15N20 Steel

15N20 Carbon steel. High wear resistence and elasticity....

Price €10.86
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  • 2x40x1000 mm €10.86
  • 3x40x1000 mm €15.47

1095 Steel

1095 Carbon steel. Flexibility, good machining. Chemical...

Price €4.10
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  • 0.9x40x1000mm €4.14
  • 4.8x44x240 mm €4.10
  • 4.8x40x1000 mm €11.93
  • 4.8x50x1000 mm €14.62
  • 4.8x100x1000mm €28.29
  • 5.8x50x1000mm €18.61
  • 5.8x100x1000mm €36.86

Custom Stamp

Put your brand or logo on your work. Custom made, from 120€.

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  • On Demand €0.00