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Tagua nuts

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Corozo nut, considered the vegetable ivory. Pack 3 units.

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Tagua nuts, also known as Corozo nut. Fruit of a Palm tree in the North of South America, the Phytelephas macrocarpa or the Phytelephas aequatorialis.

In their raw state, as well as other nuts, Walnut is composed of a liquid white and Milky, formed by cellulose. It is harvested, dried nut until it solidifies, leaving a hard and dense material. Very similar to the ivory, the density and consistency, that is why it is commonly called vegetable ivory.

Removing the shell, is to view the walnut. Support for dyeing and carving, reaching a high degree of grinding. Easy to work, non-toxic.

Approximate size: 45 x 70 mm

Very used in many decorative elements in general and carving craft, for cutlery used in handles of knives as spacers and knobs.


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