Leather Calf Lace


Higher quality, 2. 3 mm and width 3.1mm.

24 / 48 H

Calf lace leather, top quality, professional work.

This tireta is preferred by artisans for their works of higher quality, thickness and uniform width. It facilitates the fine braided, seam edges, simple sewing, loop stitching or sewing double loop.


-46 metres aprox.


-Small: 2.3 mm wide.

-Normal: 3.1 mm wide.




-Brown dark.

-Natural (undyed).

Previous perforation of the material with the help of the borers, tongs REF. T-1802, 1806-T, or the forks of saddler, ref. 1820-T, 1825-T, 1840-T, 1845-Tis necessary to sew the lace. With our special needles for tireta, ref. 1290-T, 1295-T, you can stitch easily.


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