Brazilwood, blocks and scales (matched sets).

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Pernambuco wood or Brazilwood, is mainly used to manufacture musical instruments, has a qualities for music that no other wood is able to offer. Discovered by the Portuguese, who called it "Pau Brazil", because to cut it quite a reddish resin, "Red stick". Heavily exploited, at present is very restricted logging, and its wood is used to make bow from instruments of music, and other crafts that will reach a high value economic, to give you added value and exoticism to the product. 

(The pictures are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials as wood vary your drawing or pattern, with each part. Sizes are approximate.)

Common name (s): Pernambuco, Brazilwood, Pau Brasil

Scientific name: Caesalpinia echinata

Distribution: Brazil

Tree size: 9-18 m in height, 0.6 - 1 m of diameter of trunk

Hardness (kg/m3): 950

Colour / appearance: is a yellow-orange color, sometimes a dark reddish brown.

Grains / texture: grain normally straight, although sometimes it is interlaced. Excellent texture, with good natural luster.

Resistance: rated as very durable against rot and insect attack-resistant.

Machinability: very good mechanization for being so dense wood.

Odor: No characteristic odor.

Allergies / toxicity: severe or mild reactions are very uncommon, although it can cause: irritation, swelling and blisters on the skin. It can also occur in the form of headache or nausea. The basic recommendations should be followed for woodworking: mask, gloves and goggles.

Sustainability: is protected in CITES Appendix II, and is on the red list of the IUCN classified endangered due to a reduction of the population of more than 50% in the last three generations, caused by a decrease in its natural distribution area, and exploitation.

Common uses: bows for musical instruments of strings (violin, viola, cello, guitars), carvings, turned and handles for special tools or luxury.

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