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Gonzalo Alves

Gonzalo Alves wood, blocks and scales (matched sets).

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Gonzalo Alves wood, has excellent rigidity, strength, toughness and durability. The density and other mechanical properties can vary widely depending on the region of origin.

(Photos are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials as wood vary your drawing or pattern, with each piece. Sizes are approximate.)

Common name (s): Gonçalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo

scientific name: Astronium spp.

Distribution: From Mexico South to Brazil

tree of size: 30-45 m in height, trunk diameter 1-1. 5 m

hardness (Kg/m3): 1105

Color / appearance: heartwood typically a reddish brown with stripes spaced unevenly dark brown to black, marking the age rings clearly. It tends to darken with age.

Grains / texture: grain may be straight, but tends to be wavy or interlaced. Fine, uniform texture with good natural shine.

Resistance: excellent properties of resistance to weathering, very resistant to moisture absorption, classified as very durable front insects and rot.

Machinability: difficulty average, despite its high density. Pieces of irregular fiber may have greater difficulty. It produces dullness on the tools. Good natural finish.

Odor: Characteristic odor.

Allergies / toxicity: serious reactions are very rare, usually are irritation of eyes and skin. We recommend using mask protection such as when working with other Woods.

Sustainability: is not included in the appendices of the CITES or on the red list of endangered species of the IUCN.

Common uses: furniture, cabinetry, arches of archery, handles of knives and all sorts of outdoor construction, including floors.

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