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Mongoy wood or Ovenkgol, blocks and scales (matched sets).

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The Mongoy wood, also known as Ovengkol wood, it is especially used for musical instruments, in joinery to make carvings and also make handles of knives.

(photos are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials such as wood may vary in your drawing or vein with each piece. Sizes are approximated.)

Common name (s): Mongoy, Ovengkol, Amazakoue, Shedua

Scientific name: Guibourtia ehie

Distribution: Western tropical Africa

Tree size: 25-45 m in height, trunk diameter 40-65 cm

Hardness (kg/m3): 810

Color / appearance: the heartwood is formed by shades grey, ochre and black areas of darker streaksvery marked, is quite common. You can present deposits of blanquecida SAP, is itmagnet by washing the area with hot water.

Grains / texture: noninterlaced very fine grain. Fine texture.

Resistance: qualified as resistant to rot and attack by termites or other insects.

Machinability: easy to cut but its toughness abrade cutting tools quickly, can be difficult to work in the opposite direction of the fibers, the cuticle.

Odor: does not have an intense odor.

Allergies / toxicity : mild reactions have been reported, usually in the respiratory tract, as always, it is recommended to work with mask.

Sustainability : this wood species is not included in the appendices of the CITES but is on the IUCN Red list. It is classified as vulnerable due to a reduction of the population of more than 35% in the last three generations, caused by a decrease in its natural distribution area and exploitation.

Common uses: woodwork, carving, musical instruments and handles of knives.

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