Red Mallee

Wood of Red Mallee burls, blocks and tables.

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Red Mallee burls, it is especially coveted for their high hardness and great eye candy. This wood is obtained from tumors or malformations ("burls") formed on the roots of various kinds of eucalyptus trees, usually caused by insect attack or some kind of micro-organism.

(Photos are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials such as wood may vary in your drawing or vein with each piece. )


Common name (s): Red Mallee, Red Mallé burl

Scientific name: Eucalyptus oleosa, Eucalyptus socialis

Distribution: Southwest of Australia

Tree size: 4-10 m tall, up to 50 cm diameter in the trunk

Hardness (kg/m3): 1490


Color / appearance: heartwood 'Burl' presents shades from pale yellow to pink or red garnet, forming circular areas usually tones of these colors dark, almost black, leaving in light tones such as the circulation of the rhizome system. The sapwood is light yellow, surrounded and occasionally penetrates to the interior of the "burl" bottlenecks of the root. It usually presents interior cracks.

Grains / texture: extremely intertwined grain. Fine and uniform texture with very high natural luster.

Resistance: qualified as highly rot-resistant and highly resistant to attack by termites or other insects.

Machinability: can be difficult to work because of its high density. It tends to blunt tools, due to its high oil content. Very good finishes, polished high-gloss.

Odor: does not have an intense scent.

Allergies / toxicity : reported mild reactions, usually itching of eyes and Airways, as always, is recommended to work with a mask.

Sustainability : this wood species is not included in the appendices of the CITES or on the red list of endangered species of the IUCN.

Common uses: handles of luxury knives and guns, small sculptures and other ornamental craft.

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