Bulini G548 G605

7,95 €

Geometric shapes to leather carving.

24 / 48 Ore

Geometric shapes for embossed leather stamps.

These dies are used to perform infinite patterns, taking advantage of the geometry of its forms.


- #1: size 11 x 11 mm, ref. 2521-T (G548)

- #2: size 17 x 17 mm, ref. 2522-T (G605)

It's recommended use mallets to lengthen the life of dies, ref. T-1001, 1003-T, 1005-T.

To make a more clear and enduring impression, we recommend wet leather previously using a sponge and water, or our special embossing, which prepares the surface for engraving. Always perform the embossment on a hard surface, as of our slabs of embossing, ref. 2060-T.


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