Concentrated glue


For leather, wood, fabrics, paper, cardboard.

24 / 48 H

Concentrated glue to water for leather, paper, fabrics, cardboard, chipboard and wood.

High strength and flexibility. Quick drying.

It not release toxic fumes and is non-flammable. Ideal for all types of Arts, crafts and crafts in general.


- Small: 118 ml

- Large: 946 ml

Form of employment: Clean both surfaces, especially in repair work, removing remains of other products, with the help of sandpaper or using the brush saddler, ref. 1980-T. Apply the product on both surfaces with a brush, brush, with the pallets for adhesive, ref. 2849-T or if you are more work for glue Jar teflon based with brush, ref. 2843-T . The pieces together and apply pressure until cement this completely dry.

Conservation: This product must always be at a temperature above 7 ° c. Freezing breaks down the composition of the product, making it unusable.


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