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D2 carbon steel. High resistance to wear and semi-stainless semi. Chemical composition: C:1.55  Cr:12 Mo:0.75 V:0.75
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O1 carbon steel. High hardness, good machining. Chemical composition: C:0. 95 Cr:0. 55 W:0. 55 V:0. 10
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CPM35VN steel, manufactured by Crucible special steel for knives, blades and cutting tools. Very high hardness, corrosion resistance, edge retention, easy to work and mirror polishing. C: 1.40 Cr: 14.00, Si: 0.40 Mn...
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Stainless steel N690CO, very high hardness and wear resistance, good resistance to corrosion. C:1.08, Si:0.40, Mn:0.40, Cr:17.30, Mo:1.10, V:0.10, Co: 1.50
€21.90 (tax incl.)
52100 steel carbon, high hardness and wear resistance. Chemical composition: C:1.00 Si:0.30 Mn:0.30 Cr:1.50
€8.49 (tax incl.)
9260 Carbon steel. High flexibility, good machining. Chemical composition: C:0.60 Cr:0.35 Si:1.80 Mn:0.80
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1095 Carbon steel. Flexibility, good machining. Chemical composition: C:0.95-1.05 Si:0.25 70 Mn:0.70
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15N20 Carbon steel. High wear resistence and elasticity. Chemical composition: C:0.75 Si:0.30 Mn:0.40 Ni:2.00
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5160 Carbon steel. Good resistance and machining. Chemical composition: C:0.60  Cr:0.90 Si:0.30 Mn:1.00
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How to Make a craft knife, completely starting from our selection of steels for knives. We have all types of steels: carbon steel, stainless steel and Damascus steel. 

Also with our knife blades, just to make the handle. If you have less time or you have not acquired sufficient knowledge to start from scratch, you have a large selection of knife blades of all types and sizes ready to do it.

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