9260 Steel

9260 Carbon steel. High flexibility, good machining. Chemical composition: C:0.60 Cr:0.35 Si:1.80 Mn:0.80

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9260 carbon steel, this steel is used to manufacture knives and swords. Flexibility is one of its main qualities, which is used in the manufacture of swords and fencing foils, also for its high resistance to impacts. Easy to work, with very good results.

Its main features:

- High flexibility.

- Medium hardness.

- Average cutting edge retention.

- Up to 61 HRC

- High machinability.

Chemical composition (%): C: 0.65, Si: 1.80, Mn: 0.80, Cr: 0.35

This steel is recommended both for beginners as professionals, the degree of difficulty of work is low.

Supplied annealed (soft), to facilitate the work.

Heat treatment:

- Forging:850 to 900°C. Very slow cooling in furnace or insulation materials (sand, salt, mica).

- Normalizing: 880°C. To eliminate the structural tensions caused by forging or roughing. Preferred time, 1 hour.

- Hardening (oil): 850 to 880°C. Preheating to 650°C, stabilized temperature, thermal jump to temple, reached temperature, maintain at least 1 minute per millimeter. Cooling in oil 150-220°C to reduce thermal shock, keep cool for 15 to 20 minutes. 58-60 HRC hardness.

- Tempering: slow heating to the tempering temperature (see temperature chart). Reached the temperature keep 10 minutes per mm, the minimum recommended time is 45 minutes. With a temperature of 200°C, we obtain 58-59 HRC.

Recommended carry out annealing and tempering in conservative atmosphere, by its high des-carburized, see tempered blade. This is the recommended thermal treatment, there are others. Temperatures, times or form of realization of it, depending on your needs you can vary or experience in such process.

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