Flannel wheel

Low abrasion, for high-gloss polishing of all materials.

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€6.25 (tax incl.) €6.95
24 / 48 H

Flannel disk, to mirror polishing for all types of materials: steel, stone, metal, wood, plastics, bone, horns.

Eliminates damage, scratches and scratches by children who are, nothing can resist him. High gloss Mirror polished finish.

Composed by layers of fabric flannel , a sewn central so that it adapts to every contour easily, regulates the hardness of the disk, increasing or decreasing speed polisher.

Low abrasion, high brightness using our mirror polishing paste: PULIMAX TM . If you don't want a polished bright, use the polishing paste MULTIPUL TM .

Disk cleaning, is also used without adding any product, to eliminate the remains of other polishing pastes, or simply to give a polished smooth, eliminating it slips it aged appearing in many materials with the passage of time, such as silver, metals, steels, bones,...

Sizes: Can be supply custom measures. Minimum fabrication can vary.

- 20 x 10 mm, 16 layers.

(thickness x bore)

Tip: Never use several types of pasta, grinding in a single disk. Remains of other more coarse the previous paste polishes that produce you new flaws in the polished, while trying to delete the previous may be. In this way, you will take much more time to remove them and the finish will be less homogeneous.

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