D2 Precision Ground

Precision Ground. High resistance to wear and semi-stainless semi. Chemical composition: C:55 Cr:12 Mo:0. 75 V:0. 75

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D2 carbon steel, Precision Ground steel, machined steel, this steel is very used by professional craftsmen to manufacture all kinds of knives.

Its main features:

- High resistance to wear.

- High edge retention.

- Low oxidation.

- Moderate toughness.

- Up to 64 HRC. 

This is due to its high content in chrome.

Chemical composition (%): C: 1.55, Si: 0.30, Mn: 0.30, Cr: 12, Mo: 0.75, V: 0.75

This steel is not recommended for beginners, its degree of difficulty of work is medium - high.

Annealed (soft), it is provided to facilitate the work, since tempered once is very difficult work.

Heat treatment:

- Forging: 850-1050 ° C. Preheat to 930 ° C for 10 to 20 minutes. Very slow furnace cooling or insulating materials (sand, salt, mica) forging not recommend unless experienced craftsmen. Cracks tend to suffer when working outside the range of temperature or cooled quickly.

- Normalizing: 650 to 700 º C. To eliminate the structural stresses caused by forging or stock removal. Recommended time 1 hour.

- Hardening ( oil ): 1020-1050 ºC. Pre- heating at 815 - 850 °C, the temperature stabilized, thermal quenching temperature jump, ever, keep at least 1 minute per millimeter. Quenching in oil at 210-250 ° C to reduce thermal shock and to keep cooling for 15 to 30 minutes. Hardness of 58-62 HRC.

- Tempering: Slow heating to the tempering temperature (see temperature chart). Maintain the temperature reached 10 minutes per millimeter, the minimum recommended time is 1 hour.

It is recommended that the quenched and tempered in conservative atmosphere, see foil tempered. This heat treatment is preferred. It can vary temperatures, times or embodiment thereof, depending on your needs or experience in the process.

Tempering chart D2 steel

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