Rubber Cement Ceys

ContactCeys rubber cement, strong and flexible joints, general use.

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24 / 48 H
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Universal rubber cement*, high resistance (up to 80kg / cm2) and flexible, suitable for leather, wood, fabric, cork, plastics ...

How to use:

    CLEAN and dry the surfaces to be joined well.
    APPLY a thin and even layer of Contactceys on each of the surfaces to be joined. Let dry for a few minutes (approx. 10 min.) Until the adhesive can be touched with your fingers without forming threads.
    JOIN both surfaces pressing strongly for a few seconds ensuring full contact between them.
    Remove excess adhesive with a cloth dampened in water

     Maximum resistance is reached within 24 hours of application

* Not indicated for mirrors, expanded polystyrene, and plastics polyethylene (indicated with PE symbol), polypropylene (indicated with PP symbol), or PTFE

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