White Saddle Soap Fiebings

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Colourless soap to leather, which cleans and moisturizes the leather.

24 / 48 H

Fiebing´s White Saddle Soap, is a colourless SOAP to clean and moisturize the leather with polished effect.

Perhaps one of products most popular brand, clean and moisturises the leather fibers, extending their life. Very used on articles of much use or continuous friction, such as: boots, saddles, shoes,...

Size: 340 grams

How to use: With help from one of our sponges for leather, ref. 2850-T, extra soft to avoid scratching the leather, pick up a small amount of the product directly from the pot with sponge. Apply the product circular, to achieve a uniform application, while you clean the leather.

Conservation: Avoid freezing. In case of freezing, let thaw at room temperature and shake consistently prior to use.


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