CORTAPUL, polishing paste


Medium abrasiveness media for steels and bones. Weight: 1200 gr

24 / 48 H

Profesional paste Cortapul TM, for polishing steel and bones.

Medium abrasiveness, cut-bright paste, eliminate marks that leave sanding, discs and more abrasive pastes like CORTAMAX TM. Medium finished.

He is recommended to use Cotton-sisal disks (fast polishing) or hard cotton disks (fine polishing), to improve performance.

After use this paste, to achieve a polished bright we recommend using MULTIPUL TM, in order to continue the process progressively and achieve a perfect finish.

Size approx.: 200 x 50 x 50 mm

Weight approx.: 1200 gr

Less effort and higher performance, significantly reduces grinding hard work.


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