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Pau Ferro

Pau Ferro wood, blocks and scales (matched sets).

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Pau Ferro wood or rosewood iron, its name comes from the Portuguese which is mainly due to this tree grows almost entirely in Brazil and some neighboring countries. It is a wood of very marked veins, so it is very attractive, in addition to being hard, although it works well relatively.

(The pictures are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials as wood vary your drawing or pattern, with each part. Sizes are approximate.)

Common name (s): Pau Ferro, Brazilian ironwood, Leopard tree, Morado, Bolivian Rosewood

Scientific name: Caesalpinia ferrea

Distribution: tropical South America (mainly Brazil and Bolivia)

Tree size: up to 15 m high, 40-60 m in diameter of trunk

Hardness (kg/m3): 1060

Colour / appearance: color varied, ranging from reddish / orange to a purple / dark brown, in contrast with black stripe or brown more dark.

Grains / texture: straight-grained, sometimes a little irregular. Fine texture, natural high gloss finish.

Resistance: very durable, but very susceptible to insect attack.

Machinability: medium difficulty, tends to blunt tools, requires special attention in areas of irregular grain has a tendency to tear, if you apply a high force during machining. Good natural finish.

Odor: no odor characteristic.

Allergies / toxicity: reactions are very uncommon, irritation of eyes and skin, the wood dust. The general recommendation is equal to other Woods, use mask. This tree is used for medicinal purposes, and products against cancer.

Sustainability: is not included in the appendices of the CITES, nor in the red list of the IUCN as threatened species.

Common uses: musical instruments, floors, turning, crafts.

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