Latigo Leather Lace


Latigo leather lace, in width 3.1mm.

24 / 48 H

Lace of leather Latigo, tanning oil, to gain durability and resistance.

This lace, medium quality, thickness and uniform width, with a surface granulated, very suitable for all types of craft work, rustic work,...


-Small: 3.1 mm wide x 3.6 metres aprox.

-Medium: 3.1 mm wide x 15.2 metres aprox.




-Brown dark.

Previous perforation of the material with the help of the borers, tongs REF. T-1802, 1806-T, or the forks of saddler, ref. T-1820, 1825-T, 1840-T, 1845-Tis necessary to sew the lace. With our special needles for tireta, ref. 1290-T, 1295-T, you can stitch easily.


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