Maxi Leather Punch Set

Kit manual punch, mango and mouths of round shape.

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€18.55 (tax incl.)
24 / 48 H

ûnch kit large make round holes in leather.

Manufactured in steel high quality carbon, with a snack out wide to evacuate the cut material .

saddler, Kit saves site, a single tool with 6 mouths of cutting, key to change them included.

Including mouth diameters:

-4.7 mm - 3/16 "

-5 mm - 13/64 "

-5.5 mm - 7/32"

-6.3 mm - 1/4 "

-6.6 mm - 17/64 "

-7.9 mm - 5/16 "

To lengthen the sharpening and the working life we recommend using a base of cut or punch T-1170, 1172-T.

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Product Details
€21.28 (tax incl.) €26.60
This mallet avoid the rebound when you hit your tools, in the leather stamping process. Also extends the life of your tools.



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