Buttonhole Punches

For screw head button, type Sam Browne.

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€26.60 (tax incl.)
24 / 48 H
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Punch special for screwtype Sam Browne.

Made of steel, the special shape of the mouth, make a round hole and cut or torn to facilitate entry and exit of the head of the screw, all at once, finish perfect.

Screws not included(on the product accessories section).


- Small, 4 mm, ref. 1710-T, for screws ref. T-3072, 3073-T

- Medium, 5 mm, ref. 1711-T, for screwsref. T-3074, 3075-T

- Grande, 6 mm, ref. 1712-T, for screwsref. 3076-T, 3077-T

These punches are made exactly for our screws, fit perfectly with each measure.

To lengthen the sharpening and the useful life of these tools, we recommend you perform snacks on a cut or punch table, 1172-T, ref.1170-T.

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