Cotton wheel

Medium abrasion, for all types of materials. Multipurpose: Polished and shine.

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€5.95 (tax incl.)
24 / 48 H

Cotton polishing wheel, polishing all types of materials: steel, stone, metal, wood, plastics, bone, horns.

It eliminates damage, scratches, or scratch the material. Very resistant, fine finish to polished mirror.

Composed of layers of cotton fabric, with a sewn in spiral to constantly keep the hardness and cutting capacity of the disc, which results in a uniform gloss.

Medium abrasion, use our paste polishing: CORTAPUL TM, PLASTIPUL TM, MULTIPUL TM or PULIMAX TM.Select the paste that most suits the material, depending on the finish you want.

Sizes: Can be supply custom measures. Minimum fabrication can vary.

- 15 x 10 mm, 65 layers.

(thickness x bore)

 After using this disk, we recommend using the Disc of Flannel, to continue the process of grinding more quickly and homogeneous.

Tip: Never use several types of paste, in a single disc. Remains of other more coarse the previous paste polishes that produce you new flaws in the polished, while trying to delete the previous may be. In this way, you will take much more time to remove them and the finish will be less homogeneous.

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