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Leopardwood, blocks and scales (matched sets).

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Leopardwood, is hard and very peculiar, used for musical instruments and works of turned wood. Also for exotic parts, handles, small figures.

(The pictures are purely indicative, in order to show as it is. Materials as wood vary your drawing or pattern, with each part. Sizes are approximate.)

Common name (s): Leopardwood

Scientific name: Roupala spp.

Distribution: Central and South America

Tree size: 25-40 m tall, 0.6 - 1.0 m in diameter of trunk

Hardness (kg/m3): 995

Colour / appearance: the name of this wood, gives an accurate idea of as it is, or it seems, a leopard skin, of all types of woods that resemble, this in particular is that more contrast and drawing more extreme, composed by a net or mesh of colors from dark brown to reddish brown, with contrasts of light brown or grey cells as well as creating small glare or ghost shadows.

Grains / texture: coarse texture and straight grain.

Resistance: very durable against rot and attack by insects or parasites of the wood.

Workability: medium difficulty its high density and their tendency to break or chipping during machining. Good natural finish.

Odor: Characteristic odor.

Allergies / toxicity: not reported adverse effects of generalized form, but in some cases, people with common pollen allergies, plants or animals, can cause eye irritation, so it is recommended to use protective goggles and mask, during machining or cleaning.

Sustainability: is not included in the appendices of the CITES or on the red list of endangered species of the IUCN.

Common uses: fine furniture, musical instruments, handicrafts with lathe and other handicrafts which seeks a special effect for drawing of wood.

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52100 steel carbon, high hardness and wear resistance. Chemical composition: C:1.00 Si:0.30 Mn:0.30 Cr:1.50



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